Who do you want to be tomorrow? Who do you want to be right now?

Developing your core masculine presence is about determining what your values, your morals and your ideals are and sculpting your life and the things you surround yourself with around those beliefs. Growth is important and who you are as a person is a representation of the decisions you have made for your entire life leading up to this point. Now there are obviously arbitrary things that have happened to you that were beyond your control. Take it on the chin and move on, it’s what makes you you!

What are you doing today that your future self will thank you for? Who you become tomorrow is based on the decisions and the actions that you take today, that’s why it’s important to have a vision for yourself and where you want to go and who you want to be. This is why it’s important to develop the three things I spoke about up top.  What are you doing today? Are you eating clean? Are you educating yourself? Are you developing a skillset? Are you improving yourself?

Ask yourself these sorts of questions continually and continue to write down your answers. Notice the changes that occur when you’ve taken action, you will start to refine the answers and begin to change. Empowering yourself is about taking action with a vision, I call it vision-taking-action.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for me 🙂 ) progress and development is slow which is why you must respect the process and keep chipping away at it, building it up brick by brick. Don’t expect change to happen overnight and be happy with where you are at right now because you are exactly where you need to be. Don’t let the situation bog you down and down bask in the negative emotions of a bad situation. Be objective and take a different perspective – because after all perception is reality.

Take action today because tomorrow you are a Shining Man.




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